Leak calibrator

The leak calibrator is used to check and set parameters for your leak testing devices, which it performs by connecting to the unit’s leak simulation system. The leakage rate is adjusted using a precision regulator on the basis of the applied test pressure.


  • Automotive: complete motors, cylinders heads, gearboxes, heat exchangers
  • Medical technology: Catheters, dialysis, filters, flushing, hose systems
  • Packaging / Cosmetics: Dosing, pumps, plastic bottles, catridges
  • Household appliances: water distribution, pumps, gas valves, armature stove
  • General industry: Cylinders, safety check, couplings, grippers, ball valves, gaskets


  • Leak calibration for Zeltwanger leaktest instruments
  • Available in 3 measurement ranges
  • Connects easy with RS-232 interface cable