This compact unit boasts single-channel leak testing using pressure/vacuum decay, differential pressure and mass flow. The ZEDeco features an OPC-UA server, making it compatible with Industry 4.0. A range of frequently used interfaces are supported, including MODBUS, PROFINET, Digital I/O, OPC-US and more. ZEDeco leads the pack in performance and product-quality standards thereby yielding a compact, economical solution. ZEDeco’s innovative, ergonomic interface is designed to provide incredibly fast sample rates and extraordinarily precise measurements, not to mention that it combines the convenience of the smartphone with the extensive display of alphanumerical processing data and diagrams. ZEDeco can function as a solution in itself or operated in tandem with up to 3 devices on a 19-inch rack.


  • Automotive: complete motors, cylinders heads, gearboxes, heat exchangers
  • Medical technology: Catheters, dialysis, filters, flushing, hose systems
  • Packaging / Cosmetics: Dosing, pumps, plastic bottles, catridges
  • Household appliances: water distribution, pumps, gas valves, armature stove
  • General industry: Cylinders, safety check, couplings, grippers, ball valves, gaskets


  • PC-based control system
  • 7” TFT color display with touchscreen
  • > 1,000 test programs
  • Data storage > 1,000,000 test results
  • Low cost basic instrument