ZEDsatellite modules for testing and measurement feature the option for decentralised installation, enabling the testing object to be measured on location using vacuum, mass flow, flow, pressure gauge and differential pressure measurement options. Due to the remote installation of the ZEDsatellite modules, measurement takes place near the manufacturing process itself. Short pneumatic lines guarantee only the most accurate and reliable measurements. The modules boast convenient plug-and-play installation, communicate with all central ZED series units (ZEDbox, etc.) using the bus system and offer the option for future extensions.


  • Automotive: complete motors, cylinders heads, gearboxes, heat exchangers
  • Medical technology: Catheters, dialysis, filters, flushing, hose systems
  • Packaging / Cosmetics: Dosing, pumps, plastic bottles, catridges
  • Household appliances: water distribution, pumps, gas valves, armature stove
  • General industry: Cylinders, safety check, couplings, grippers, ball valves, gaskets


  • Scope for expansion and combination
  • ZEDbox: max. 2 channels
  • ZEDbase+: max. 2 channels
  • ZEDmod: max. 8 channels